Nesmith Chingcuanco

Founder & CEO

Nesmith Chingcuanco is the Founder and CEO of iBlüm. He grew up in the Philippines and moved to Canada as a teenager. He subsequently graduated with a Computer Engineering Degree from McMaster University. In 2002, he had a “vision” after watching “The Last Emperor” and the profound impact Emperor Puyi’s personal tutor had on his life. “What if everyone had access to a personal tutor?” This was the catalyst for a 20-year journey. As an engineer, Nes was determined to apply mathematical modelling to enhance and scale personalized learning. In partnership with his co-founders, he purchased their first early childhood education (ECE) school and together with their growing teaching staff have spent the last 20 years pursuing their vision; learning how children learn; accumulating data on child development; and developing the AI technology that now forms the backbone of the iBlum user experience.