Karine George

Educator, Author and EVR Educational Adviser
EDUCATE Ventures Research

Karine is a leading authority and international speaker on education leadership, dynamic learning, parental engagement, and the use of technology in teaching and learning. An award-winning headteacher for more than two decades, she is an ardent believer that sometimes simple, unconventional methods are the best way forward. She has led and supported school leaders, governments and educational institutions in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of technology-enabled reform. She has penned numerous articles on educational issues and is a contributing author to ‘Sustainable School Transformation: An Inside-Out School Led Approach’ (edited by David Crossley, Bloomsbury, 2013), which looks at how the rigour of traditional top-down accountability models can be combined with the engagement and buy-in of school-led “inside-out” approaches. Her recent publication, AI for Teachers, (Routledge, April 2022), is co-authored with Professor Rose Luckin and Associate Professor Mutlu Cukurova which focusses on how to make AI more accessible and understood.