Jillian Low

Chief Strategy Officer
Virtual Internships

As the Chief Strategy Officer at Virtual Internships, a Series A backed EdTech start-up, Jillian spearheads initiatives to create accessible pathways for post-secondary learners, enhancing their educational and professional trajectories through real-world experiences. She has guided over 10,000 learners to complete remote internships, collaborating with more than 13,000 global host companies to redefine educational norms and unlock learners’ full potential.

In her role as CSO, Jillian aligns the product and platform with the evolving needs of learners and partners, staying ahead of trends in edtech, the future of work, and higher education to ensure the solutions remain scalable and innovative. She has helped cultivate relationships with over 400 partners including universities, bootcamps, international student agents, governments, and more, expanding the reach of their impact on learner enrollment, engagement, and employment outcomes through guaranteed internship access.

With a rich history in youth workforce development in places like US, Bosnia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and England, Jillian has a proven track record in fostering sustainable livelihoods for young people through innovative program creation and partnership development.

As she looks to the future, Jillian is committed to navigating the intersection of work and education, adapting to workforce changes and leveraging technology’s growing influence. Living the digital nomad life, she advocates for a hybrid work future, blending in-person collaboration with the opportunities remote work offers.