Jason Prohaska

Educational Technologies Lead
The English Schools Foundation

With over 18,000 students from 75 different nationalities, ESF encompasses 22 schools spanning K1 to Y13. Jason has been privileged to work for ESF for over a decade, gaining valuable experience in leveraging educational technology to support our schools with top-tier pedagogy.

Jason is a firm believer in using educational technology to build a personalized and inclusive education. In his current role as Educational Technologies Lead, he collaborates closely with schools to create a tailored technology strategy that aligns with their unique data, school culture, as well as the overarching ESF vision. Recognizing the specific needs of each school, the ESF devises solutions that are effective, efficient, and pertinent. He also spearheads several collaborative pilot projects throughout the Foundation and leads the development of strategic documents concerning educational technology and education. Part of his role involves assisting with the professional development of teachers and management teams. Additionally, he serves on several strategic teams, including those focusing on data governance.