Fátima Bigeriego

Global Director of Strategic Alliances

As the Global Director of Strategic Alliances at Odilo, Fátima is responsible for fostering institutional relationships with companies and organisations to support the company’s growth and evangelize its mission: to bring high-quality education to every corner of the planet and help organisations reach their full potential through continuous and lifelong learning. Its goal is to create an unlimited, frictionless learning ecosystem that adds value and operates efficiently.

In this regard, Odilo collaborates with institutions such as embassies, Ministries of Education, Chambers of Commerce, the United Nations, development banks, OEI, CAF, NGOs, and technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and AWS. The company’s aim is to continue informing these institutions about the transformative power of technology-enabled learning and advocate for its consideration as a solution to the challenges in education, such as inclusion, outdated curricula, accessibility, and more.

Through these partnerships and alliances, Odilo strives to drive positive change in the education landscape, ensuring that learners worldwide have access to cutting-edge learning opportunities and empowering organisations to overcome educational obstacles.