Esperanza x Minerva Higher Education Summit

13 Oct 09:00 – 13:15(HKT: GMT +8)
City Gallery, 3 Edinburgh Place, Central (hybrid)
Free | Networking lunch @HKD350
Simultaneous Interpretation from English to Putonghua

Esperanza is pleased to co-organise the higher education track with Minerva Project, the educational innovator that launched Minerva University, rated by World’s Universities with Real Impact as the most innovative university in the world for its global, immersive and purposeful approach to higher education.

Discover the role of technology in harnessing human intelligence and how to leverage AI to enhance teaching and learning in higher education institutes at this hybrid Summit, from co-designing teaching materials,  providing teaching assistance, enabling adaptive learning to developing and assessing students’ competencies. Free admission. Onsite participants can also attend a networking lunch and get up close with the Summit speakers at HKD 350.


Christine Looser, Master of Ceremonies

0900 – 0910

Welcome and Presentation of EdTech Heroes Awards (Higher Education Track)

0910 – 1010

Opening Dialogue: Transformative Power of Technology on Higher Education
Ben Nelson, Founder, Minerva Project
Prof George Siemens, Chief Scientist, SNHU’s Human Systems
Moderator: John C Tsang, Founder, Esperanza

1010 – 1120

Presentations from Winners of Edventures Global Business Acceleration Fellowship

Moderator: Prof Irwin King, Chair and Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Discussant: Dr Albert Chau, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), Hong Kong Baptist University

“Industry experience platform for higher education”
Apoorv Bamba, Co-Founder, Belong Education (India)

“Interactive online learning platform”
Edmund Lim, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Classin (Mainland China)

“Critical thinking development”
Salah Khalil, Founder and CEO, Macat (UK)

“Remote internships”
Jillian Low, Chief Strategy Officer, Virtual Internships (UK/Vietnam)

1120 – 1135


Case Studies: Transformative Power of Technology on Higher Education

Moderator: Dr Justin Sanders, Senior Academic Program Manager, Minerva

1135 1205

“Empowering Students with AI”
Matthew Rascoff, Vice Provost, Digital Education, Stanford University

1205 1235

“Nurturing Durable Skills in a Blended Learning Environment”
Dr Chulmin Yoon and Prof Sook-Kyoung Cho, Korea Institute of Energy  Technology

1235 – 1315

Breakout Sessions
Interactive discussion with Matthew Rascoff and Dr Chulmin Yoon and Dr  Sook-Kyoung Cho (Room 1)

Demonstrations of EdTech Solutions (Rm 2)
Belong Education (India) and Virtual Internships (UK/Vietnam)

Demonstrations of EdTech Solutions (Rm 3) 
Macat (UK) and Classin (Mainland China)

1315 – 1430

Luncheon with summit speakers

Award Winning EdTech Solutions

Winners of the Edventures Global Business Acceleration Fellowship will present and demonstrate their solutions at the Summit. 

Belong Education (India) is a comprehensive industry experience for universities and upskilling institutions, providing learners with the tools to bridge the gap between skills and employability. Through industry projects and a global network of 500+ reputable employers in 10+ countries, Belong enables bias-free skill-first hiring. By empowering individuals to build tangible proof of work and connecting them with opportunities, Belong equips learners for successful careers, and unlocks their potential in the job market. It has upskilled over 10,000 learners across 10 countries in the past 3 years. The company is looking for university and company partners. It is offering a 30% discount on its Virtual Global Apprenticeships and Industry Capstones to Summit registrants. Check out their website.
Classin (China) has pioneered the digital and physical infrastructure for the hybrid future of education. From two-way interactive blackboards to breakout rooms, class polling, real-time interaction, and personalized learning, ClassIn encourages student engagement and interaction and allows teachers to design a classroom that goes beyond successful lectures, incorporating other modalities of instruction and teamwork. The administration dashboard streamlines school management and generates data-rich reports that reflect student participation during and after class. Administrators can also easily review and analyse teacher and student performance through over 40 metrics, including attendance, classroom activity, and test and homework data. Check out their website and product demonstration video.
Macat (UK) is an online learning platform, library, and critical thinking tool that explains the world’s greatest ideas in social sciences and humanities. Its library of analytical texts is designed to offer insights into how the great thinkers developed their critical thinking skills that lead to ground breaking works such as Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow or Marx’s Capital. Its Critical Thinking Assessments measure and analyse students’ critical thinking skills. Macat is looking for investors, schools, universities and other go-to-market partners. Summit registrants can enjoy free trial access to its critical thinking assessment. Check out their website and product demonstration video.
Virtual Internships (UK/Vietnam) uses AI to match students at scale with remote internships with 300 global partners and 13,000 companies in 80+ countries worldwide, ranging from startups to blue chips and a guaranteed match within one month. The platform also provides access to expert coaching, support, and award-winning courses to enhance students’ skills and boost their career prospects. The company is looking for university and company partners. It is offering a 10% discount on its programmes to Summit registrants. Check out their website and product demonstration video.