Bally Wong

ABC Pathways Group

Mrs. Bally Wong is a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and educator. She founded her first English language school in 2002 and has since expanded to own 14 schools across Hong Kong and Bangkok. Her business ventures include English language schools, international kindergartens, franchised schools, charitable foundations, online parenting channels, and an educational marketing company. With a team of over 300 teaching professionals from Hong Kong and around the world, the schools currently serve over 5,000 students.

In addition to her role as an educational practitioner, Bally has established the charitable organization “ABC Education Foundation,” which has provided free educational support to over 100 students from low-income families for several years. She has also founded the educational organization “ChildFirst Alliance 以童為盟,” which organizes regular gatherings for leaders, principals, and educators from kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary institutions, providing a platform for communication and promoting academic development. Bally has been invited to hold various social positions and participate in public welfare activities, including serving as a director of “Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber Of Commerce” and as a director of the “Leadership Institute on Narcotics” of the Hong Kong Police Force, actively promoting drug prevention efforts on campuses.

She is dedicated to promoting the “Happy Learning” and “Effectiveness Together” teaching methodologies, aiming to create a positive learning experience and make Hong Kong the happiest learning city.