Apoorv Bamba

Co-founder & CEO
Belong Education

Apoorv is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ingenious Faces and Belong Education, dedicated to disrupting the perception of success through transformative learning frameworks in emerging economies. With a track record of founding successful ventures like Startup Safari and Human Circle, he now spearheads Belong Education, aiming to eliminate bias from Early Talent Recruitment through their innovative proof of work platform. 

Apoorv’s north star is to bring to life the belief that “Labels are for clothes, not people,” fostering a culture of unbiased talent evaluation based on data, not legacy. As a globetrotter who has explored over 40 countries, he advocates purposeful learning through travel, a philosophy reflected in his personal and professional motto, “By Travel and Error.” He is also a public speaker and guest lecturer with previous talks at platforms such as PechaKucha, Graduate Women International Global Conference, Ashoka University, University of Cape Town, Bertha Centre of Social Innovation among others.